Hi and welcome to my blog. I don't know if anyone will want my sims, but hey. I will be uploading my sims on this blog. Come in, look around. I'm a quiet person until i get to know someone. I love photography, hence the name of my blog. I love collecting BJD (ball jointed dolls) from Soom, Leekeworld and Blueblood dolls. I adore bags with Puca on it and collecting small figures of Puca, come on who doesn't love Puca.

I like collecting varies sizes of Sackboy (Little big Planet) Does he really need an introduction.

Vampire books and games. My favourite game is Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines. I also like Guild Wars, The Witcher, and Broken Sword. Heavy rain, Modnation, Little Big Planet, on my Playstation 3 and on my very old Xbox, were not talking 360  here, Abe's Oddysee. If you don't know this game you have not lived or maybe you have and i obviously spend too much time on games (but seriously you should check it out, it's a classic) and Jet Set Radio. I am not just a Sim's fan, i am a bit of a games console fan. (so if you haven't fallen asleep or if you're wondering was i really going to join this blog but you're not going to anymore read on) Angel was my all time favourite tv show and Lexx, both great shows.

What will you find here?
Sims, Dolls and maybe one or two houses but mostly Sims.
I started playing the Sims since Sims 1. That's it. Where did all my Followers go .....