Slider Hack  -5X
Version 1.33.2

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I am currently using


What it is: (description from Mod the sims page)

XCAS is a CORE mod designed to be limited to CAS functions. While it does less than more extensive core mods, it's also less likely to have side effects. It is not compatible with any other core mod, like AwesomeMod or Extended Game Core. However, there are some packages included that can be used without the core mod component.

What it does:

Core mod packages-- download and use only ONE of these, OR

XCAS basics:
-- Increases the number of facial sliders the game can use from 20 to 60
-- Optionally, increases the facial slider range by 2 times, 3 times, or 4 times
-- Enables the body hair panel for females and teens
-- Enables the tattoo panel for teens
-- Optionally, you can edit the naked outfit in the dresser "Plan Outfit" game function and in CAS* (See the Known Issues section)

XCAS full version:
-- All of the above plus:
-- Adds many more tattoo locations

'Extras' packages that can be used with or without the core mod--

-- Optionally, expands the skin tone picker panel
-- Optionally, increases the body slider range by 2 times. (Fat/thin, fit, and breast size)
-- A package that enables a few base game accessories for the naked outfit
-- A package that lets you tattoo naked (With the sim naked, not you. :D) ** This package will also make sims naked in the body hair panel

XCAS 1.34