I was playing around with a new skin i downloaded SkinTheSecond by Sage. Check my custom content list. (i told Sage i would make a sim, Sage wanted to see what it looked like. So Sage here it is)

I played around with the tan colours then the pale colours. It's the same sim in both pics. I usually like pale skins but i actually liked the tan one, gave my sim that kind of  California sun skin.
Well, when i made this sim i wanted him to have a kind of all American beach boy look.

I really like this skin, the way it made my Sim come out super cute, and it looks very smooth too.

Tan Skin

Pale Skin

I think this is the tan skin again.


  1. Oh, he's such a cutie! Especially with tan skintone, thanks ^_^

  2. You're welcome, yeah your skin really helps his looks, so thank you.