I am bored. So here are a few random pics from my game.

I really like this character. I was trying for a manga type sim.
I don't think the eyes are quite right yet. (yes it's the same Sim from my upcoming sims)

 I love it when Sims get trapped in the lift.

 My Apartment building.

 Ryan about town

Sims floating around in my Sims bin, that need work.

And my other passion


I think am suffering from not being able to buy another BJD doll. They are so many pretty dolls coming out.  I no longer collect dolls now.

Some of my dolls

Here i was trying to dress my dolls as Depeche Mode fans.  ( I am a huge Depeched Mode fan)

In case anyone wants to know. My dolls are as follows.

AsleepEidolon       Evan
Leekeworld          Mihael Model 65 cm

Souldoll               Morse 60cm

Doll Family          Lyre    62 cm

Blueblood           Waltz  60cm

Soom Doll           Saiph male type 80cm (he's really heavy. I don't take him out his box) See pics below Saiph. He is my 2nd favourite doll though.

I just love his eyes but mostly his lips. I try to give most of my sims Saiph's lips.

Standing up on the sofa.

I also have some heads with no bodies from Dollshe and Soom doll.


  1. So many things to comment on in this post lol

    -The Elevator scenario is great! Never gets old imo
    -That guy in the bar is creepy fo serious...
    -The sims in your bin look great. The first guy is a great example of hair that looks good on other peoples sims but never on mine. I always wanna re download it but I haven't gotten around to it.
    -And your dolls look like real like sims! That was my first impression :P

  2. Thank you. I love that hair, it took me ages to make a sim that suited that hairstyle. I find a lot of my male sims sport that hair. My favourite male hair is Ryan's hair.

    The BJD dolls always remind me of the sims, i guess that's why i started collecting them. The dolls have better hairstyles lol. I love buying wigs and eyes for my dolls.

    Thanks for your comments.