Some pics of Sims i made, that i will be uploading very soon.

So here is Karla. I haven't named the guy yet.

Dress by April Addicted

Poses by Studiostargirls. Kuroshitsuji Set
Other poses. Check my pose list


  1. These 2 look great!! I love that dress! You always dress your sims in such gorgeous clothes! *runs off to download the dress*

  2. Thanks for your compliments. Yeah that dress is gorgeous, when you download it, is is black, had to mess around to get it that color. Your sims have great fashion sense too. I thinking of you when i put the link up for the dress.

  3. You know what i meant. Thought of you, so i put the link up for the dress.

  4. Aww that's so nice of you! Thank you! The dress looks lovely on Karla - I'll have to find a sim to wear it in my game! :)