So i got the Adventurous Life that comes with Africa Inspiration Collection and Safari Living Set and the VC Rock Wall.  I could just wait till some place uploads this for free, but i never do.

This is just the thing for completing Lara Craft mansion. I still remember this in one of the Tomb raiders.

Anyway the wall is fun and can be used indoors or outdoors. This was tested in my house i use for my photos on Tiny Isles. Download here

So there wasn't a lot of room. Stop reading now if you don't want to spoil it for yourself

Okay so you can challenge each other to races and there are three levels easy, medium and hard. You can also train other sims, when you get better at it. The wall will increase your athletic skill.

I really like the clothes that came with this set too and the hair.   Was it worth it, yes ! I only wanted the wall but the clothes and hair are good too. Back to the wall.


(don't seem to play in Mozilla Firefox, well not for me. Works fine in internet explorer and chrome.)



  1. thanks for the info, i just recently got the wall and can't wait to try it out! big hugs

  2. Thanks Ames. It is a lot of laughs and really fun watching your sims have races against each other. Thanks for your comment ^_^