So i had a chance to play Showtime.  The town seems a little empty until there is a Simfest. It is weird. I need to explore it more.  I miss Bridgeport. I really like the fruit props and friends popping in to put on a show
with their
sim. Special thanks to Shake the Disease (great act). I like some of the clubs too and the beach is nice.Videos
(sorry about the clicking noise as i take photos)

Photo Booth

Simon playing DJ

Miles Singing

Davey's tricks. (he is only a beginner)

Miles and Ryan sing

Playing Pool

Friends popping in to perform in my town.

I love theses props, make's me want ice cream too.

DJ Booth, Pool table, Karaoke machine


Fun places to go.

The house i built for Showtime.


My mime artist Tanya/playing for tips


  1. Makes me wish I had Showtime. But I still don't see it in the stores here >.< :C

    Anyway, charming sims :)
    And these big fruit props really make people hungry xD

  2. Great pictures. Looks like you are having fun. ^_^

  3. exceeded expectations :) beautiful photos - you've won nicely. Magician me a little disappointed, I quite like professional singer and an acrobat. Mainly career clothes, I am more than satisfied. quite surprised how many things there were added to the Appendix.

  4. The Den thanks. I think in England it is still in stores. Yeah the fruit and the iced fairy cakes made my mouth water. Charming Sims but it was mistake to throw 8 of them into one house.

    Michelle: I am having fun. There is still so much to see.

    Pet'ka: I love the singing career. Trying to get my Sim good on the DJ Booth so he can make a full time career of it. Magicians are fun when your Sim master the skill, mine is just a beginner plus he has the loser trait. I love the clothes that came with Showtime.

  5. Wow!! Looks great!!
    beautiful photos! And looks fun!
    I wanna play this too!!

  6. Omg ...this is amazing post...:)

    Thank you including my sim Shake the Disease in your post...

    your sims are amazing in game too :)

    great videos and graphic !

    this so exciting :)

  7. Thanks SocialSim. I had to turn off my log in for a while, my game was going slow. I am updating to the latest patch hopeful this will improve my game. It is actually running quicker in CAS (took out a bunch of clothes) I love your Shake the Disease. I even have a couple of videos of her. I do like Showtime. Blogger is being a pain, it won't let me edit my blog on my blog page. So annoyed. I have to go to dashboard. Really tempted to go to WordPress. Glad you like my Sims.

  8. WordPress got is own problems . for example if you move to word press you will loose the followers option

    people will not be able to comment like here .

    Also there is differences between and

    the com is the free one no need for host but it's limited on the functions you can have there , more limited than blogger but i'm starting to see blogger also putting limits .

    with org one you need host but than there are many things you can do there thanks to all the plugins and themes you can have .

    game been a pain in the ass for me ... i'm uninstalling it now and making new install I read here :

    many of the bugs related to people patching game with launcher which something i always been doing

    so i'm going to try now the guide there .

    crossing fingers this time the game will finally work good .

  9. Hope it works for you. Uninstalling is a real pain. I have done it at least three times in the past. I read about the patch and i read this other thing on mod the sims,

    I checked my files to make sure i had 7. I still used the launcher to install my patch. So far so good. The last time i reinstalled was when i got Ambitions, while back and i always get the expansions and stuff pack. EA have really messed up though, so many patches to fix this new online features. It does slow the game down, my game crashed before after excepting a Simport. EA really need to fix things. I think in the past i have installed the superpatcher. It patched all my games up to date. But now i use the launcher. I don't have much CC in my game now. I try to use EA clothes. It was clothes that was slowing my game down. I must of downloaded every piece of clothes. I have to learn to live with less as my game runs quicker now. Fingers crossed you get your game sorted.

  10. Wooooow!!!! спасибо большое за видео и скриншоты. У меня есть "шоу бизнес", но я его еще не устанавливала. Благодаря тебе я смогла увидеть как это интересно!
    Еще раз спасибо дорогая..обнимаю)♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

  11. IMHO. You are welcome. Yeah it is quite a change for an expansion pack ^_^