So this is Lola. I like her a lot but i am not one for playing the Sims. I enjoy creating Sims more than playing.

 Treat her nice. She is a animal lover, party animal, hot headed, flirty, charismatic. Enjoy.

Download Lola with custom skin Busty by the talented Navetsea

If you want Lola to look like she does in pics.

Non default Busty skin by Navetsea
tattoo by JS Sims no 2
Cheeky v2
Yukey Eyeshadow n4
S Club lipstick  
(one of the lipsticks from the set)
Romper Plain
(other clothes are random)
Eyes Stefizzi Ayra contacts and Default Caddi Love eyes
Hair pook'd and chopped by Pickypikachu
Hair accessories
Bunny Bow
apple headband by YS3 Studio
Upper Lip thin lower
Upper lip shape Slider
Bella3lek4's Facial Sliders
Jonha Body Sliders

I use master controller
sliders x4

Thanks for the poses i used.

On another note that authentication thing that keeps popping up on my blog is driving me mad. I am going to get to the bottom of  it. But apparently looking on Google someone else had the same problem.


  1. It is absolutely amazing. Beautiful, delicate and special. Beautiful nose-mouth great :). Sensual :).

    1. Thank you for your lovely comments :D Always welcome. You are too kind.

    2. It's very nice - you deserve it and especially your original creation :)

  2. She looks great. Yeah that authentication thing comes up anytime I visit any google blog now. It is such a pain. I am so glad I am at wordpress, no issues with that kind of strange stuff. ^_^

    1. Thanks i thought i was going crazy because i haven't been on my blog in a while lol. And thanks. Yeah Lola is never gonna get played by me lol. Though i do like her.

  3. She's gorgeous and sexy! I'm so glad you back dear,
    I miss you and your sims so much :)

    1. Thank you. I have been very absent these last few weeks. It's nice to come back to such lovely comments :D

  4. She's really gorgeous :) So glad to see you posting again ♥♥

  5. Lola is a christmas hotness :D I'm glad you making simmies again!

    1. Thanks it's nice to know people like my little Sims. Without your skins i probably wouldn't of made Lola