Well i am bored. It isn't that far away, Sims 3 Generations.  I have to wait until the 3rd June. Anyone that knows me, know i have no patience.

Here are some photos of what i have been doing lately.
I haven't been playing the game that much, just to make sims, because i want to start a new family with the new expansion.

Photos (All Sims created by me)

Click on Photo for bigger Preview

The sim above came about after i tried to download Danzxncrd's sim (model used for newsea Bluebird hair). After it wouldn't install as a sims3pack. I decided to try and make a cute model sim. She didn't turn out as cute as Danzxncrd's model. But i think i am better at making boy sims.

The two sims above are brother and sister. The girl sim Charity is a old sim, she has been around since Sims 3 came out. I gave her a little bit of a make over.

Random Photos

Morse (Check shirt) Still loving this sim.


Sim below with the glasses (Byron).  I was just playing around with different skins, he ended up with Lemonleaf skin B2.0. It is  a really beautiful skin. (my favourite sim along with Morse in check shirt) Morse is using Lemonleaf skin too A2.5


  1. Byron is my favorite! He has glasses just like mine ;P

  2. Thank you, yes he's kind of my favourite too for the month.