Well i got my last BJD doll yesterday. It took me six months to pay for him. 

I have decided not to get any more dolls now, I have six. Plus i keep getting charged customs charge.

Here he is, my little goth boy, he doesn't have a name yet.

Any suggestions ?

He is very pale, almost white, though he is in normal skin. 

Well i think i have bored you enough with my BJD obsession.



  1. So cute! I didn't even know what these dolls were before reading this post. Are they typically very expensive?

  2. Hi,
    yeah they are about $400 to $700. Works out a little cheaper for me in pounds. The good thing is though there are some sites where you can pay monthly for the doll, about $85, which is around £55 a month.

    They are made from resin and are poseable.

    Yeah they are cute, which is why i got kind of addicted to them.

  3. SO expensive though! More expensive even than the Sims 3 lol