So i finally got pets. Well i got the game guide first.  First impressions. I never had Pets for the Sims 2. So this was all new for me. I have to say i am really impressed with the new clothes for the sims in this expansion. I love
the new town too, Appaloosa Plains. I am going to send my sims off to explore it.
Now the pets. I really wanted the Pet store. I ordered the limited edition with pet store. Off course it still hasn't arrived.  I brought another copy yesterday (without the pet store). When my other copy arrives, i am returning it. I firmly believe in playing games on release day. (only reason i ordered online to get the store, that and the promise of getting my copy on release day)


I love the pets. I even made a horse. (Treacle) So i made three pets, a dog named Humprey and a cat named Ruby. ( i can't wait for animal poses). My game has been running a little slow, but my cas bin was overflowing, so i am in the process of just putting sims i don't play with in another folder and getting rid of some of my CC clothes files.

My sister who lives in Florida wanted to know what the pets looked like in game. (she has two daughters but they didn't want Pets).

So here are my Pets. There is so much to do, i only found the pet section this morning and got them bowls and beds and a dog house.  I put them on Tiny Island (thanks the creator) so i could just test how they look in game. I don't have CC furniture in my game. Everything sims okay so far, poses still working and NoCameraFadeOnSims mode.

Graham's Pet Swap shop looks so cute. I love it.

My Pets.

I  also saw some wild horses and a deer, and a racoon.

 I know not the best photos. I really need a mod now for low angles. Back to Pets. Really enjoying it.


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