This is Leon. Leon loves working out with  his girlfriend. He's confident, a bit of a flirt though he is a true romantic at heart. He has a beautiful French girlfriend called Lana.

(i had fun making him)  Whether anyone will want him, i don't know. Anyway here's Leon.

Sim uploaded with default skin and EA hair.

Download Leon

Meet Lana

Oh my eyes (defaults) by escand
Arisuka Facial Hair First Aid pack
Brushed Back Frohawk by KittyKlan
ND Luxury Skin by Capital Sims
Arm bands tattoo by Newone08 (link takes you to sim Fallen and tattoos. 
CmarNYC xcas core mod x4 and check my sliders list.  You can use any slider though, lots of people prefer AWT slider (if you don't edit him he will be fine)
Blusher No7 by Tifa 
Males Jeans 03 (not sure)  by sims2fanbg
Transparent Fitted Tank for Men by Ekky Sims
See-Through boxers by Alkaizerth
AnGeLD V-neck by AnGeLD
Natural Male Eyeliner by Susan372

THANKS to all the creators who poses i use, Maximumsims3, Beech, and others. See my Pose list

Coming Soon


  1. He is very cool. Nice work.

  2. As always, beautifully unique and oozing with awesome personality! Actually curious as to what their children would look like hehe <3

  3. He is SO brilliant! Such a realistic sim, he's just perfect.

    Lana is stunning too!!

    Looking forward to the next simmie too! She's so unique :D

    Great work!

  4. So i'm i. I may have to upload Lana so someone else can breed them, u know i hardly play with my sims (he's her photo shoot boyfriend) But maybe i should start a legacy with them.

  5. You should definitely upload her! She's so beautiful! I'd love to put her together with one of my sims and see how the kiddies turn out! :D
    A legacy would be a great idea too, they both look like they have so much personality! That would be so much fun!

  6. Okay Isla just for JkAmaryllis and you. I will upload her, later on today.

  7. And for anyone else that may want her.

  8. Aww thank you!! :D That's so sweet of you!

  9. Awesome couple!!They look super cool XD!

  10. Thank you. It's funny i made him, then made him this little mate and i just sort of threw them in the room together and started taking photos. Now the more i look at them, the more they do suit each other ^_^

  11. He is so cool! Really unique looking ♥ I love that about your sims ;)