Okay so i don 't make celeb Sims because i can never get them to look like the celeb. Anyway i was trying to make a kind of punk Sim and was about to use Elexis hair from Tron, so that got me thinking about Olivia Wilde and i thought okay i will give it go.

Three hours or more later this is what i came up with. I think i got the cheekbones, and the jaw. She has such a strong jawline, which is why i wanted to give it a go and she's very beautiful. I am not happy with the eyes though, but as i said i don't make celebs. This is probably my first and last attempt at doing a celeb.

Uploaded with default hair and skin.

Dowload Olivia

Comments welcome good or bad.

Actress Olivia Wilde

Original hair i wanted to use but because it didn't photograph well i had to change it. In the cas shot you can see the resembalance more.

This version is at the sims cave but here's the download link. It was a request for Socialsim. I tweaked it slightly. I still prefer Olivia version.

Quorra with Default skin and  Elexis hair. Download here http://www.zshare.net/download/983249457df6cbfb/
Quorra Hair by Elexis http://www.modthesims.info/d/444602  Make sure to drop the hair package in your game. 

Poses by IMHO
'Only yours'
'Yes Boss'


Oh My Eyes  Default by Escand

New Non Default Face skin by Tifa. Tiffa All face skins MixV
For her face to look like it does. (love this face skin) Grab theses while you can because i don't know how long this will be up for.

F-IN01 TS3 Default replacement Full Family V2 Skin by Navetsea  
(love this skin, they are adult skins)
DaVinci Dusk Eyeshadow by Ladyfrontbum

Cheeky v2 Blush
Js Sims Bad Girl Uniform Temptation (white top)
Rabiosa Jeasns by ShakeProductions 
Latice Black Dress by Icia23
Candy Lover ankle boots with belt
Natural Lower Eyelashes by Danzxncrd
Hair by Julietoon Peggy Jan Gift 2012 Nymphy Pooklet'd
I really like the thickness of this texture. I think they did a really good job.

Sliders check this

Slider Hack


  1. Nice try!! celeb sim is difficult
    but you done a good job ^^

  2. Aww thanks Js Sims. I know her eyes are wrong though. Yes they are incredible hard to do.

  3. Celebs are SO unbelievably hard to do! You've done a brilliant job though, she's so pretty! :)

  4. Aww thanks isla87. I don't thik i will be doing any other celebs, though she turned out not half bad ^_^

  5. So u are starting to try celeb sim? Congrat on ur work :D

  6. Thank you so much but i can tell you this, she is the last celeb i will do. It is so much work.

  7. Celebrity sims may be very hard to do, but you are doing a fairly god job replicating them! She might need some work, but she is still fantastic!

  8. Aww thanks TheDen. I liked how she turned out but yeah her jaw and eyes i think need fixing. Still for my first effort i'm happy.

  9. It is so much work but when it done, you can smile 'cause you have tried hard to do it. :D

  10. That's true. You do feel like your efforts are worthwhile. Still i like making sims from my own head. Much easier.

  11. O_o по-моему....очень похожа. ты уловила суть.٩-_-۶ здорово!

  12. Thank you so much for saying she is similar to her. She is beginning to grow on me more now ^_^

  13. wow,wonderful and excellent work by you.

  14. Yep spot on! I recognised her before I ever saw the name ;)

  15. DL link is not working :(

  16. can you please fix the link? i really want her in my game

  17. Download link is working fine for me - I tested in Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox.
    Those of you having trouble try using a different browser and be sure to click the download button and wait until the link appears :)

  18. Sorry for anyone who is trying to download this sim. I just checked it myself and it says the file error. I don't know why. I did not delete it. I am going to fix the problem tonight. Sorry.

    Thanks Isla87 but it is coming up error for me too. Why do they keep deleting my files. So i am going to look for a better download site.

  19. That's weird! Still, these things are so unreliable! I use mediafire, it's not given me any problems so far! :) There are plenty out there though, I'm sure there has to be one that works properly somewhere haha!

  20. Yeah i just uploaded her to mediafire. This is the second time this has happen to me. It's true you know bad things do happen in three's. Today has been a bad day for me. First delivery man didn't delivery an item, but anyway enough abour real life. It should be working now.