I was going to use Desree as a model for clothes i make. But since i don't know how to make clothes. I have decided to upload her. Hope you like her.

Download Desree

Meet the family. Desree sister Aisha and brother Wayne.

Lili09 look at me poses
IMHO, Beech, Traelia
Ephmera Skins v2 E-skin Sunny
Oh My Eyes Default by Escand 
Stripped pants from Prada Sims Spring Collection 
Half braided Afro by kittyklan 
(i love this hair! It's very close to my hair but my hair is down to my shoulders not up)
Lipstick  by Yukey. New Year Set
Denim Romper with lip necklace by ShakeProductions
Blusher No7 by Tifa 
Eyeshadow (one of these i think by Emmzx)
Swimwear. ( i can't find the link and i have tried for almost two hours. Thank you creator. I will keep looking)
Star Earrings by Susan372
and anyone else i may have forgotten.  Thank you.

Sliders I use check this.

Slider Hack


  1. OMG!!I love Desree!!
    And all of her family are so cool!
    I love them! And the hair is really amazing!
    She's looks like a real model^^

  2. Aww thanks. That was my intention, the rest of her family don't model though. She's the star in the family, though Aisha is my favourite.

  3. Wow such a vixen:) Your Sims will not stop loving. Beautifully suited to her background color and all:)

  4. Thank you Pet'ka. I really liked how Desree turned out She was inspired all from Kittyklan hair. Yeah i love the kind of orange red background. Thanks again.

  5. wOOOOOOW!!!!! это парад мод! праздник души! супер креативно!

  6. Fashion parade, i like that. Thanks IMHO!

  7. Oh God! *-* I love Desree! She is so beautiful :3 And your sims look so stunning!

  8. Wowsers!! I followed the links from MS3Blog to here, and am glad I did. Your sims are gorgeous - especially Desree! Beautiful!! Cannot wait to populate my city with her :) *secretly covets her hair for myself*

    Thank you so much!!

  9. Glasmadchen: Thank you so much for your nice compliment ^_^

    Enjoyi101. Thank you. I thought you were joking when you said you followed the link from MS3blog. None of my sims have ever been on there. Thanks for letting me know.Glad u like Desree and my sims ^_^

  10. They are very cute, but also funny! I love their hairs, they fit so much!

  11. TheDen:I love the hair. It's just amazing and makes Desree all the more better. Thanks Kittyklan.

  12. WOW!Amazing!I just love them!

  13. Nice job Sack!
    She is unique.
    I love her.